ISROSET® offer two types of unique membership: Fellow and Life Membership.  

Fellow Membership
Fellow Membership focuses on building the API, CR, and sustainability capabilities of the organization. This membership is available only for Ph.D. Holders, Senior Academicians, Senior Scientists, and Senior Professionals. Life Membership
Life Membership is about developing your skills as an API, CR, and sustainability professional. This membership is available to everyone.

Please choose the correct membership option on the online membership application form; if you would like more information or help on membership options, please email us or call +91-942-442-0408.


To become a Member, Please click on the link below to online membership application form submission.

If you are facing any problem in the submission of Online Membership form, please click on the link below to download Membership form then mail us at or

However, many of our members are both Life and Fellow Members allowing them to develop their careers and advance their organizations at the same time.

Please note these are memberships, they cannot be refunded or transferred between individuals, and we do not offer corporate membership.

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