ISROSET Fellow Members

  • ISROSET-FM-1001
    Dr. S S. Gauam
    Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, MGCGV, Satna , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1002
    Dr. Narendra S Chaudhari
    Dean - Research & Development Professor - Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1003
    Dr Pradeep Sharma
    Head, Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dept. of Physics, Govt. Holkar Science College, DAVV, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1004
    Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh
    Director, Institute of Computer Science, Vikram University, Ujjain , India

  • ISROSET- FM -1005
    Dr. S A Naveed
    Professor, ETC Department, Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College,Aurangabad, M.S. , India

  • ISROSET-FM-1006
    Dr. Mithilsh Mittal
    Professor, Department of Physics, Govt. Holkar Science College, DAVV, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1007
    Dr. Binay Kumar Mishra
    Associate Professor , Department of Physics, Maharaja College, Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara, Bihar , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1008
    Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh
    Head - Ground Operations & Chief Instructor - Dangerous Goods Training Quikjet Cargo Airlines Ltd., Bangalore Hqrs. , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1009
    Dr.Pramod Kumar Malviya
    Assistant Professor Dept. of Physics, Govt. College of Nagada (M.P.) MP Higher Education, Bhopal , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1010
    Dr. Umesh Kumar
    Principal: Govt. Women’s Poly, Ranchi , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1011
    Dr. Arunkumar S Suvarna
    Asst Production Manager, Medigraph Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Taloja , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1012
    Dr. Snehangsu Sinha
    Department of Anatomy, College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara, Guwahati- India , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1013
    Dr. Subha Ganguly
    Associate Professor and Head
    Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Arawali Veterinary College,Rajasthan , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1014
    Dr. Anubha Pandya
    Head and Professor,
    Department of Chemistry, Christian Eminent College, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1015
    Dr. Asmita Sharma
    Associate Professor,
    Dept. of Chemical Science, Christian Eminent College Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1016
    Dr. Anand Dev Gupta
    Department of Environmental, Wimpey Laboratories Dubai, UAE , United Arab Emirates

  • ISROSET-FM -1017
    Prof. Senhlata Hada
    Dept. of Chemical Science, Christian Eminent College, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1018
    Dr. Kota Solomon Raju
    Scientist and In-charge of Re-configurable Computing Systems Lab, Digital Systems Group, CEERI, Pilani , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1019
    Dr. Arvind Prasad Dwivedi
    Department of Chemistry,
    Govt. Sanjay Gandhi Smrati, College, Sidhi(M.P.)
    , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1020
    Mr. Deepak Dasaratha Rao
    #23, 7th Cross, M.V Extension
    Govt College Road Hoskote-562114, Bangalore
    , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1021
    Dr. Anil Bhuimali
    Vice Chancellor, Raiganj University, Raiganj, West Bengal, India , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1022
    Dr. Narendra Kumar Dhakad
    Vice Chancellor, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (MP) India , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1023
    Dr. D. Chatterjee
    Vice Chancellor, Seacom Skills University, Bolpur, West Bengal, India , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1024
    Dr. Ashutosh Mishra
    Head and Professor, School of Physics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1025
    Dr. Shirin Imam
    Professor,Dept. of Chemical Science, Christian Eminent College, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1026
    Dr. Amit Baran Sharangi
    Professor & Head,
    Department of Spices and Plantation crops,
    Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Nadia , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1027
    Dr. Mrs. Anita Gour
    Christian Eminent College, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1028
    Dr. Seema Agrawal
    Shri Jain Diwakar College, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1029
    Dr. Mandeep Mittal
    Amity School of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1030
    Dr. Ranjith. D.
    Dept. of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pookode,Kerala
    , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1031
    Dr. Swaraj Rajkhowa
    Principal Scientist, ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig, Rani , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1032
    Prof. K.S. Tiwary
    Professor and Head Dept. of Mathematics,
    Raiganj University, WB, India , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1033
    Dr. Anupama Modi
    Dept. of seed technology, Shri Umiya Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1034
    Dr. Arpita Banerjee
    Bankura Christian College, Bankura, West Bengal , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1035
    Prof. Sanjay Modi
    Principal, Vikrant Inst of Technology and Management, Indore , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1036
    Mr. Indrasen Poola
    ITAI,Industry Consultant and Professional Researcher, Palo Alto Networks Inc, California, USA
    , United States

  • ISROSET-FM -1037
    Dr. Nilamadhab Mishra
    School of Computing, Debre Berhan University, Debre Berhan
    , Ethiopia

  • ISROSET-FM -1038
    Dr. Khumukcham Robindro
    Department of Computer Science, Manipur University, Imphal , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1039
    Dr. Soumen Maitra
    Faculty of Horticulture,Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Cooch Behar, West Bengal , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1040
    Dr. Pawan Kumar Kare
    Dept. of Biochemistry, Kalpana Chawla Govt. Medical College, Karnal, Haryana , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1041
    Prof. Shalabh Agarwal
    Director, Computer Centre & Central Computing Facilities,
    Department of Computer Science,
    St. Xavier`s College [Autonomous], Kolkata , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1042
    Dr. Deepali Gupta
    Department of Computer Science, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Sadopur , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1043
    Dr. Pratap Singh Patwal
    Institute of Engineering and Technology, Alwar , India

  • ISROSET-FM -1044
    Dr. K Bheemappa
    Department of Environmental science, Bangalore University, Bangalore , India

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